Culture of Science

Some curious stipulations lead me to say goodbye to Wired. Three other communities have graciously offered invitations, but after touring so many networks, I’m excited to announce I’m finally going solo with complete control over content, comments, and site design again.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this possibility since sitting next to the lovely and talented Maria Popova of on the flight back from TED. Maria has developed her site from the start and I admire the way she runs it independently.

This blog began in 2006 as conversation to share ideas with readers and build a constructive dialogue. I’ve been frustrated by having to request maintenance from someone with authority over my content.

So even though the trend since 2010 has been to join a network, I’m choosing the red pill and breaking out of the Wired matrix. I don’t post for traffic and it’s time to return to how this blog began. (Of course, networks are excellent for some contributors and I particularly love the way the SciAm community is highlighting a new “generation” of science bloggers, as well as seasoned contributors).

For the first time ever, all of the archives from various incarnations of my blog are finally together here. Make yourself at home and contribute whenever you’d like. This is your space too. Let me know what you think of the new site and make any general suggestions in comments. I’m learning CSS so expect continued design updates over the coming weeks. A great big thanks to the brilliant Razib Khan of Gene Expression for kindly helping me with this transition.

Finally, those familiar with my work may recognize that Culture of Science is a nod to C.P. Snow:

“We require a common culture in which science is an essential component. Otherwise we shall never see the possibilities, either for evil or good.”