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I began blogging in 2006, but got my start in the public arena when when I guest blogged at The Intersection. It was a great way to reach a wide audience and test the waters of the emerging science blogosphere. And now I’d like to extend a similar invitation..

I welcome guest bloggers from a wide range of disciplines. If you’re interested, contact me at During the past month, Culture of Science had ~100K visitors, so if your ideas are worth sharing, get in touch!

Please include a few sentences about yourself and what you would be interested in blogging about, as well as any relevant links or examples.

Promotional blog posts for a product or business will not be considered – even if it’s related to science and your research.

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  1. Dr Charles Parker December 12, 2011 at 6:42 am #

    Outstanding site here, well done! Will be sending you an offline proposal for a guest post. This is good work, and I would love to participate over here.

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