The Science of Kissing In The Huffington Post

5 Feb

I’ve got a piece in the Huffington Post with USA Science & Engineering Festival founder Larry Bock just in time for Valentine’s Day about the science behind kissing. He begins:

It’s both funny and remarkable how some of the most simple and natural acts we do each day are teeming in science.

Take for example, the kiss.

A kiss, especially a passionate one, sets off a cascade of emotions and chemical reactions in our brain and body that would surprise most of us if we knew the whole story.

Later I go into more detail:

On Valentine’s Day, many of us will acknowledge those we love with chocolates, flowers, and cards. But the most meaningful messages will be exchanged without spending a dime: It’s kisses that leave the most indelible impression of all.

Our lips are packed with sensitive nerve endings so that even the slightest brush sends a flurry of information to our brains that often feels very good.

You can read the full article here.

This April, I’ll be a featured author at the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo and Book Fair (the nation’s largest celebration of science and engineering) t0 discuss my book. The fesitval is free and open to the public, featuring 150 live performances by science celebrities, best-selling authors, explorers, innovative entrepreneurs and world-renowned experts.

Some authors joining me there include astrophysicist Jeffrey Bennett, neuroscientist Alfredo Quiñones, physician Robin Cook, physicist Lisa Randall, NASA engineer Homer Hickam, and children’s author Seymour Simon.

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