The New Ecology

11 Aug

Here in Austin, TX, 3500 scientists have gathered for the annual Ecological Society of America meeting. They’ve come to share their research and discuss the 21st century’s greatest problems including climate change, overpopulation, and the loss of biodiversity. Coincidentally, it’s the hottest and driest summer on record in the region.

KUT news correspondant Lindsay Patterson is at the conference where she interviewed my colleague Camille Parmesan, a conservation ecologist at the University of Texas at Austin. They discussed how modern ecology involves collaborating across disciplines because a team of experts from a diverse range of professions like architecture, economics, and policy will be best equipped to find solutions.

Exactly. And it’s not just ecology, but science in general. Boundaries must continue to blur if we are to become truly global citizens able to tackle the tremendous challenges ahead.

Listen to the audio at KUT and follow updates from the meeting by using #ESA11 on Twitter.

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